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The Latest In Exhibit Technology

  • Present or demo new products
  • Have prospects interact with workstations
  • Entertain prospects with games
  • Capture more data than lead retrievers
  • Survey clients easily with immediately tallied data
  • Fulfill requests on the spot, clients receive your follow-up instantly

About Our Technology

Allow us to tailor a technology solution that will fit your trade show program

Information for better decisions

What would you like to capture at your trade show? Present? Demonstrate? Engage your customer? Whatever your goals, we offer technology solutions to support your exhibit team, whether big or small. Whether you want to rent or purchase a solution, our experts can explain the options you have and help you select the best, most economical way to get the job done with a compact, reliable, show-stopping solution. We are always up for the challenge.

Full time on site Technology Team that can work with you to create something amazing

Full time technology team

We have certified experts in a range of fields on staff. From design to programming, our teams collaborate to make sure your presentations attract the attention they deserve, function the way you expect, and deliver your desired results.

Grapevine excells in crafting the very best technology integration, no matter the display, size or budget

An extension of your branding team

Whether we are providing the technology for your company or working with your marketing and IT staff, we will do what it takes to make sure your company is displayed with consistent branding.

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Strategic partnerships for ultimate peace of mind

We have worked hard to create the strategic partnerships necessary to make your technology needs a reality. With more than 18 years of innovative displays experience, we have tapped some of the best knowledge in the industry. By partnering with experts in the field, our in-house staff provides the best solutions with the most current technology.

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