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What is a vector logo?

A vector logo is a graphic that was created using a vector program like Adobe Illustrator. This file is mandatory for graphic design purposes. Vector elements are always the best for printing and used whenever possible for the most optimum results. If you do not have a vector version of your logo we can re-create it for you at an additional fee.

What is the prefered format for submitting graphics?

Adobe Illustrator is the preferred format, however we do accept pdf, psd, jpg, tif, & eps. If you are designing your artwork in InDesign or QuarkXPress, you must output a high res PDF.

How do I submit art that spans over multiple panels?

When designing artwork for a display that has multiple panels or gaps in the substrate. The first thing you want to do is calculate the graphic area that includes the gaps or panel breaks.(Ex: 1st panel measures 29"w + 1/8"w gap in between panels + 2nd 29"w panel = 58-1/8"w graphic area) Drawing everything out on paper is usually easiest before trasferring it to the computer. Once you have all your measurements open Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop and develop your graphic area based off of the measurements you took.

Place your bleed beyond the graphic area if you are working in Adobe Illustrator. If you are working in Adobe Photoshop then you will need to also include your bleed into your graphic area.

What dpi do we submit our artwork?

At full size your artwork should be 100dpi.

Where do I send my artwork?

For your convenience we have a FTP service. For a custom login id, contact your Project Manager.

If you already have a login you can be directed by clicking the button below.

How much bleed do you require?

Two inches of bleed is sufficient in most cases. If your artwork is larger than 10' in either direction an extra inch of bleed is recommended for finishing.

Color mode for printing?

If you need to match a specific color, you will need to provide your PMS Color(s). Let your sales person know that you are submitting artwork that will need a color match, and that you submitted artwork with those specific PMS colors. Extra charge may apply.

Submitting artwork for vinyl?

For all vinyl prints, artwork must be supplied in native vector format. If you do not have a native vector version of your artwork, our graphics department can reproduce your artwork for you, at an additional charge. Contact your sales rep for a quote.

Vinyl orders placed must be approved by client before printing. Once it is approved, it is sent to production for printing. Any changes needed after the approval process will incur additional charges due to the additional time needed to make changes and re-print prep files.

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