FTP Access

Grapevine provides an FTP site for our clients for the purpose of transferring project related information during the course of a project. For more information or to request access to the FTP site, please contact Project Management. One of our Project Managers will assist you with a username and password required to enter the site. If you already have a login ID and password, use the below instructions for access.


Go to website

Enter URL in web browser

Visit the below web address
URL: upload.grapevinevc.com

If you are using a ftp client use the above url for the host.


Login in with your log credentials


With your username and password provided by Grapevine login.

Ftp client users: Default port and file location will get you in.


Upload your artwork


If you would like to upload to a folder, please click create folder. After your folder is created, return to file listing. Click on the folder to bring you into that directory. Click on upload file(s) and follow instructions.

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